Having Foreplay with Hot Chocolate

di pojok pintu samping,
aku senang duduk disitu.
di dekat pilar persegi panjang depan jendela.

senang rasanya melihat para penghuni jalanan meneriakkan klaksonnya.
senang rasanya mendengar lagu tak jelas yang mengiang di kupingku.
benci sih, melihat para penghuni jalanan itu selalu bergantian berteriak.
benci sih, mendengar suara tak jelas yang selalu bergantian mendengung.

nikmat rasanya..
menikmati cokelatnya hidup.
menikmati cokelatnya saringan nikotin.
menikmati cokelatnya cairan di gelas itu.

hot chocolate
aku suka hot chocolate
selalu suka dia
karena dia selalu tahu caranya membuat jalanan lurus di otak saya menjadi keriting.
kenapa harus keriting?
ya, karena otak keriting itulah otak normal.

otak keriting saya bisa menjadikan saya normal dalam berpikir tentang tugas-tugas itu.

5.19pm - @pintu samping
and then?


Fresh Unfresh


i have the fresh health but i don't have the fresh body
i have the fresh mind but i don't have the fresh brain

isn't it moronic?

you have the fresh words but you don't have the fresh mouth
you have the fresh hearing but you don't have the fresh ears

isn't it moronic?

she has the fresh look but she doesn't have the fresh face
she has the fresh cookery but she doesn't have the fresh hands

isn't it moronic?

he has the fresh power but he doesn't have the fresh muscles
he has the fresh precise but he doesn't have the fresh eyes

isn't it moronic?

we don't have the fresh air in this superannuated-world
we don't have the fresh idea in this one's-own-world


i think it's really-super-moronic things that i ever 'speak'

and then?


The Expressive Baby

two days after my 19th birthday, my nephew was born. it happened on march 2009 :)
i love the baby because i saw him birth :D

here are his photos :)

look at his right hand :) it was taken on 10th April 2009 :)
*click here to shall look in more detail*

the baby eat richeese :D
*click here to shall look in more detail*

he's so cute. isn't he? :D
*click here to shall look in more detail*

if you don't mind, please left a comment :) and then?



i was still sleepy when my mom waking me up.

it's monday and it's clinical class :(

i wish i could turn back time to april.
yeah, april.
i disgrasp when i remember this month is june, and it means i have to do my experiment design. sigh*

in this morning, i guess i want omelette..
i found that picture in my gallery.
it was taken on February 2nd, 2009.
do you believe that i made it?
if not, you can ask rendy :P

it's easy to make omelette :)
you must have two eggs, cheese *gratin*, and margarine :)
whisk the eggs 'till it soft like foam, then pre-heat your griddle and spread margarine *you can use butter, if you have it* on it.
pour the eggs-which-you-had-whisk on the griddle, and spread the gratin on it.
hmmmm.. it smells good :D
wait 'till the color's brownyellow :D
take your plate, and tada!
it's ready to eat it! :)
and then?


Wafelatos! *lezatos*

it's SUNday. huft..

people loves that day. but unfortunately i'm not.
'cause it remains me about my e********t reports and stay to the counter.
:( :( :(

dunno why, in that morning, i want to eat tinned sardines.
so i went to the nearest-small-shop from my house.

at there,
i bought the tinned sardines, energen jahe, and wafelatos itself.
i ever eat wafelatos before *maybe three days ago* :D
the taste sooo PERFECTo chocolate!!!

yeah, and i RECOMMEND youuuu! to taste the overflowing-chocolate-of-wafelatos.
the combination of the cream and the rice crispy on it will satisfies your mouth.

ps: the price only IDR 1,000 ;)
and then?


It's Coto!


yesterday was tuesday, and i was busy enough for that day.
it's a very HOT day! *and i think that in everywhere people feel the same too*

i'll tell you something about one of my favorite food for lunch now. :D

the picture that seen above is COTO.

it contains meat, peanut and spices!
*did i waken your appetite?* :P

my favorite places to eat coto are COTO DEWI 5 (on Toddopuli, near with PLN), COTO DAENG (on Pengayoman, behind MP) and COTO PARAIKATTE (on Pettarani, beside new-gas-station-which-built).

when you order a portion, you'll given lime, fried onion and green onion.
you have to 'personalized' the coto as like you want. *it's one of the 'fun' part* :D

you can choose about a plate of rice or ketupat.
and i suggest you to eat coto with ketupat.
i guess you better eat it first and having experience of it by yourself! :P

ps: i'm not responsible to all of you who want to eat coto after read this post! LOL

and then?



today is monday..

as usual, in every morning, i never have breakfast..
but after i bought an energen jahe from the nearest store, i LOVE to drink it in every morning as my breakfast! LOL

it's different from another cereals because it contains jahe (red ginger) which can make you sweaty much! LOL


and then?