Google Wave

this picture form google.com
this hot SUNday,
i checked out of all my accounts on all listed-sites-i-sign-to.
yeah, maybe for friend updates, messages, requests, etc.

after checked some of the sites, then i 'landed' on my Twitter.
on there, i was looking for trending topics list and i saw Google Wave.
i find out it by googling then. :P

and i 'landed' on this.


tuing?? -_-a

i can't talk too much, but my 'while' conclusion is that Google Wave looks like Facebook + Gmail :D

let's wait 'till its 'come'..
and then?


nightmare before christmas :D

this picture from google.com

today, i went to MTC karebosi makassar.
i wanted to looking for a pc headset :D

at there, i came up to an accesories mobile phone store firstly :-D
unfortunately i can't find it *hell yeah, i came to wrong store* :-P

but wait...

i saw something!
what was that??


i saw a NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS' casing for my mobile phone!!
and it's Glow in The Dark!!!

Lucky Me!!
i've been searching that for long time ago :P

how LOVEly this day!! :)
how about urs? :D

and then?

addicted to injection

28th May, 2009.
i've got my first time to blood donor. of course i was the donor :)
before that time, i've tried three times to give my blood but i didn't qualified because my weight was not enough yet :D

so i was trying on that time, when my faculty celebrate it's 9th birthday :)
and guess what??
i PASSED!!!!! :))

i was HAPPY but my heart was beating like a hammer! LOL
my friend said that the feeling when the hypodermic needle touch the skin was soooo hurt!
my heart keep beating more than like a hammer! :D

and then...
here we go!!
it's my turn!

so i came up to that room where two beds and a nurse were there.


it's really my turn!!

the nurse tell me to be in bed and she measured my blood pressure first.
i asked, "is it hurt?"
and she just smile at me! sigh*


and then she started to put the hypodermic needle into my skin softly...
i feel NOTHING!
my friend lied to me!


it's finish!
i shocked that my out-blood is 250cc :D

but, wait..

i feel something..

i guess i WANTed it more!!
i WANT more!!

please give me the needle..
and then?


seekor manusia yang mencoba menikmati hidup sedang mengeluh


walaupun sudah malam, tetap saja terasa padat..
entah karena tugas *laporan* yang menumpuk minta dikerjakan, atau karena mata belum terpuaskan ditutup?


kepala ini penat..
ingin pecah rasanya..
tapi kalau pecah, nanti pakai apa?


sekarang atau tunda, yang pastinya prioritas tetap pada tujuan hidup.
tujuan hidup saat ini adalah menikmati hidup.

menikmati hidup?
iya, menikmati hidup.
dengan cara membiarkan segala sesuatu terjadi dengan semestinya tanpa ada rasa menyesal.

yah.. berarti saya masih kurang bisa menikmati hidup dong..
yah.. sepertinya..

namanya juga manusia.
kamu manusia bukan? and then?