being 19's as odd as being 11

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well, it's my birthday, but not my birth date.
just my-birth's-day :D
wednesday, that is.

am 19 now, but sometimes, I feel like an 11.

why I said same?
a. both are the prime numbers.
b. both are the transition ages.
c. both are the odd numbers *it'll make everyone in that ages are odds, I guess* :D
d. a,b,c are true.

if you pick;
a. yap. that's true. just see them. 11-13-17-19 *even the pupils know that* LOL
b. yap. because when (1) I was 11, you could say I was a kid/child, but some says, I've already tween/adolescents. and (2) now I'm 19, you could say I'm in my late adolescents age, or in my young adults age :D
c. yap. odds! LOL as I told u above, when you were in 11, you're in the adolescents' transition. it makes you seems like a-girl-from-outer-space. you don't know how to enter your 'periodstarts' age, and something called puberty. and when you are in 19, you're in adolescents-to-young-adults' transition. and it makes you seems like a-woman-wannabe-from-very-outer-space. you have to leave all the girl's thing that you love, and starts to think what's woman thinks, and do what's woman does.
d. yeah, a, b, c are true :)

that's all the reason why I said that
being 19 is as odd as being 11 :D

what do you think? ;)

and then?


Half in Love, Red.

I have read a book Half In Love, written by Maile Meloy which has a good story about Red that I loved. A soldier named Red meet a girl named Irene. Red likes her, but seems Irene doesn't reply his compliment.
Overcome, he caught the girl's hand in his, but it was so lifeless and passive it made him angry. He crushed it in his grip, sliding the bones and sinews inward toward the palm, the slender fingers crossing one over the other. "Don't," the girl said. She pulled her hand from his but kept walking by his side, eyes straight ahead.
You're like death," Red said. "There's no life in you. What's the point of being beautiful?" She stopped, and looked ready to answer, but shook her head and began to walk again. He caught her then, and kissed her hard. Her hair smelled like lilacs but her skin smelled like nothing; there was no close body scent to distinguish her from the cold night air.
then Irene offers sex to him but he rejects her. LOL *that's one of the part which I like* :D
She said, without looking at him, "You're passionate, I guess."
"You can stay with me if you like," she said.
"You mean I can share your bed?" he said.
"Yes," she said. "If you like."
"Well, I don't," he said finally. "I don't like."
*does he really not want it?*
I guess not.
Like Freud told us, what's on a man's mind is sex. sex. sex. LOL

yep. like I guessed before, they get laid.
"I'm going to France in the morning," he said, after a while. It suprised him to think she didn't already know.
She looked over at him. She was close enough to kiss if he sat up a little, but he didn't want that. he just wanted her lying there. Her eyes were solemn.
"It's going to be worse than you know," she said.
Red looked back up at the sky. A mist had drifted in, obscuring the stars, which had moved some distance along their course, and soon the waiting would be over. After a while the girl moved her hand from behind her head and took Red's in hers, and they lay on the chill stone like an old couple in an old bed, fingers intertwined, until the sky began lo lighten, and it was time for Red to go.

even it's in the fantasy life, we could still approve the Freud's theory that is What's on a Man's Mind is Sex.

do you agree, guys? ;) and then?


satellite heart

yep. like anya marina's song.
but in my verse :D

i feel lost.
but no assurance.

call me selfish.
call me lunatic.
yes, you could.
it doesn't matter.
it's okee.

why lost?

don't ask me.
'cuz i don't have the answer.
as i said before.
no assurance.

what am i talking about?

maybe everything.
maybe anything.
it could be about sun.
or it could be about darkness.

hahaha and then?