july - august - september
that months would be the holy-months.
why holy?
well, maybe holey[s] too.

people pay to be paid,
people paid to pay.
maybe that could be normal, but unfortunately it becomes abnormal,
when people do hard for this, do hard for that,
and what people get is incommensurate to they did.
it's ironic, I think.
really makes us terribly concerned.

incomes not balance with outcomes?!.
yeah, you're right.
outcomes are bigger now.
holy-shit! shit! shit!


do you feel it too?
do you curious about it too?

I feel it.

it named CRISIS.
what kind of crisis?
well, it could be anything.
crisis of economy, crisis of energy, crisis of morality, even crisis of ideas.
what do you think?


what can we do?
what can we do to make it back normal?
life is too short to be a crybaby.
I even trying everything to do this, to do that
[in order that] I can get this, can get that.
[but] maybe it still nothing.
hoping? wishing?
I don't like hoping.
[but] I always wishing something good.
[and] it always happened, nevertheless it comes late.
like a green day's song, I wish someone to wake me up when september ends. LOL

it seems like everything in disorder.


this is an unexpected condition in an expected situation.

let's making ourselves sure that the storm will passed soon.

and then?