cepet sembuh yaaang :'( and then?


I lose some sales
and my boss won't be happy
but I can't stop listening to the sound
of two soft voices blended in perfection
from the reels of this record that I found

every day there's a boy in the mirror
asking me
what are you doing here
finding all my previous motives
growing increasingly unclear

I travelled far and I burned all the bridges
I believed as SOON as I hit land
all the other
options held before me
WILL wither in the light of my plan

so I lose some sales
and my boss won't be happy
but there's only one thing on my mind
searching boxes underneath the counter
on a chance that on a tape I'd find

a song for
someone who needs somewhere
to long for

cause I no longer know
what home is
-Kings of Convenience - Homesick

I love this song.
when I heard it, I always wondering where I should be.
Where am I?
Where should I be?

I always feel empty.

really homesick.
missed something called home.
but I don't know where actually my H-O-M-E is.


someone out there, could you find me a way to home? and then?