Google Wave

this picture form google.com
this hot SUNday,
i checked out of all my accounts on all listed-sites-i-sign-to.
yeah, maybe for friend updates, messages, requests, etc.

after checked some of the sites, then i 'landed' on my Twitter.
on there, i was looking for trending topics list and i saw Google Wave.
i find out it by googling then. :P

and i 'landed' on this.


tuing?? -_-a

i can't talk too much, but my 'while' conclusion is that Google Wave looks like Facebook + Gmail :D

let's wait 'till its 'come'..


Rendy said...

kita liat aja ya ntar
apa ini bagus engga

Kartika Monoarfa said...

kayaknya ngga :P
klo aku bilang :D

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