well, today i went to my faculty's library :D. at there, i get shocked when i see a book with a title: Technophobia "The Psychological impact of information technology" by Mark Brosnan. Why??? Cuz I always thought that every people needs technology, but how come a-part-of-them could have phobia on that???

hmmm... so I read that and found these:

What is Technophobia?

1. a resistance to talking about computers or even thinking about computers.
2. fear or anxiety towards computers.
3. hostile or aggressive thoughts about computers.

(Jay, 1981:47)

Does it exist?
Computer anxiety is a real phenomenon.
(Moldafsky and Kwon, 1994:301)

Who has it?
One third of the entire population of the industrial world!
(Brosnan and Davidson, 1994)
*What The ..????!!!*

Both anxiety and (negative) attitudes have been identified as factors contributing to a sense of technophobia. Sex differences have been identified - females have been found to possess more computer anxiety than males, and more negative attitudes. These findings have not been consistent, with some research indicating no sex differences. Recent research has implied that it is psychological gender, rather than biological sex, that relates to technophobia.

Well. it could be reducted with a programme, that is called technophobia reduction programme. The people who has the phobia, have to touch the computer with brave firstly :) and bla bla bla until the people type and doing something with the computer *include destroy 'em??* :P
but we have Question that is "Could this be the way forward??". The answer is YES. If you believe the technophobia reduction programme will work! And if not, just read on.. and wait the time to be ready ;)

hmmm... but i guessed that it's just only happened on long time ago, cuz for the future, no one feels anxiety with computers.. cuz everyday,everytime,everyminute people will face 'em. :D

well. i think that's all. gotta go home.. (bye) :)

It (the digital revolution) offers the priceless intangible of friendship, community and understanding.

-Wired, 1996:43-

source: Brosnan, Mark J., Technophobia: The Psychological Impact of Information Technology. 1998. London: Routledge

-d corner of libraryBM,classBM-


nico wijaya said...

someday. people will hate computers. hohoo just my imagine*nonton pilem i robot*

terabyte02 said...


i'm cyberspace addicted....
is it technophobia too.....?? CMIIW

So....sob, how ar u now..??
too difficult to call u...

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